Alison Edgar is the Entrepreneur's Godmother

Can You Imagine Selling More?

Startup? Or, already in the game? Learn 21st-century sales techniques to close more sales.


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Why work with Alison Edgar?

Alison is one of the UK’s top 10 business advisors, she was invited to the Queen’s Royal Garden party and Downing Street for her dedication to Enterprise.

In 2015 she won GB Entrepreneur of the Year, special merit for service, and is regularly featured in national press and radio, as a sales expert, but her biggest thrill comes from seeing her client’s amazing sales achievements.

Develop your skills and invest in success.

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Start selling with confidence

Alison Edgar

The Entrepreneur’s Godmother

Stop struggling with sales.

Sadly 90% of startups don’t make it. Having a great product or service isn’t enough.

You have to be able to sell it too.

Learn the four pillars of sales, including the fundamental skills and techniques that will lead to success.

All the Entrepreneurs I teach all adopt the four pillars of sales leading to success.

The four pillars of sales
4 pillars behaviours icon
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to quickly adapt your style to suit the person you were selling to?
4 pillars process icon
What if there was a step by step approach to selling that you could use again and again?
4 pillars strategy icon
Have you got a sales strategy? If not you’re in the right place.
4 pillars confidence icon
Confidence is a huge part of successful selling. It comes from experience, practice and knowledge.
Alison has been AMAZING in helping me grow the business and improve our sales strategy and process. I cannot thank her enough! Ben Towers

Managing Director, Towers Design

Alison is highly organised, has excellent contacts and is dedicated to helping small biz and startups. Daisy White

Author, Daisy White's Booktique

I couldn’t ask for a more enthusiastic, engaged ambassador for the campaign. Super-networked and loved wherever she goes. Michelle Ovens MBE

Director, Small Business Saturday

She’s a pleasure to work with and has given the office staff a huge boost in their confidence levels. Jordan Daykin

CEO, GripIt Fixings

All my training is designed specifically to help entrepreneurs

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Start selling with confidence
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