I’m running a series of interactive webinars based on my international best-selling book, Secrets of Successful Sales to help you get your sales straight during and post the COVID-19 crisis. We’re seeing first-hand the effect this unprecedented event is having on the whole economy, and it’s my job to arm you with the skills to sell so that you can avoid being another statistic.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

FRIDAY 5TH JUNE – Behaviours (recording now available):

  • We’ll be delving into the psychology behind why people behave the way they do, why some people make decisions faster than others, and why some people are parting with their cash during the COVID-19 crisis whereas some aren’t. We’ll discuss what you can do to increase your chances and make more sales. You will gain knowledge on how building strong relationships with your customers will give you insights to calculate the probability of conversion within your pipeline. These techniques can also be used to enhance both personal and professional communications which are fundamental to success.

FRIDAY 12TH JUNE – Process:

  • Alike the manufacturing of a product, sales is also a process. To make consistent sales, you need to know the process like the back of your hand. The problem is, lots of people don’t. By also analysing the customer journey, you will see how sales are lost and won and how you can revive previous prospects who have slipped through the net. I’ll be handing you my easy to follow tried-and-tested golden keys to open the door to make more sales and money in your business.

FRIDAY 19TH JUNE – Strategy:

  • I’ll be covering my strategies which thousands of businesses have implemented to take control of their sales and smash their targets. We’ll deep-dive into how you can use social media to your advantage, my BINGO methodology which will give you clearcut ways to sell additional products and services to your existing customers, The Chocolate Bar Strategy to help you with your personal branding based on the creation of The Entrepreneur’s Godmother (an award-winning brand), Alison Edgar’s Big Balls to help you manage your time, and a networking strategy (that you can use online too!).

FRIDAY 26TH JUNE – Confidence:

  • There’s no magic wand to confidence but I’ll be arming you with fundamental skills based on my upcoming follow-up book ‘The Art of Getting What You Want’. We’ll be looking at practical goal-setting, uncovering the ‘WHY’, and identifying what’s holding you back looking at internal and external forces to manage your mindset and boost your resilience.

Don’t worry if you can’t make all the dates.

You can still buy a ticket and we’ll deliver the recording to your inbox for you to learn from.

Who’s it for?

  • Anybody that wants to get better at sales
  • Any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to improve conversions
  • Anybody looking for direction and purpose
  • Employees for large organisations who are looking to up-skill
  • Anybody looking for a cost-effective way to elevate their skills
  • For anybody that needs new skills to stop talking and start doing!

“Thank you so much for today’s webinar. You really are a ray of light and hope. So positive. I truly felt stronger and more focused on my business after your wise words.”

Abby Mangold, The Mangold Consultancy

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