…If only. It’s not that easy for everybody. With all of the uncertainty that last year presented, it’s safe to say that many people will be feeling less than excited to commence the new year. A lot of us will be dreading the first couple of weeks back into the office (or for the most part – virtual office).

A shocking 85% of people admit to hating their jobs (Gallup, 2018). This has only worsened in the last year. According to an Aster report, A third (31%) of employees feel less motivated now than they did before the onset of Covid-19 and more than a third (37%) of senior business decision makers say it has become harder to motivate their employees since the onset of Covid-19. These effects are going to be felt throughout the new year. BUT – it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve pulled these sessions together to ensure you are maximising this year. If you’re looking to boost your skills, look no further. 

Who is this session for?


  • Employees who are lacking motivation for the new year

  • Senior Leaders and Managers who are looking for new ways to motivate their team

  • Anybody looking to harness their full potential in 2021

What will we cover?


  • Behaviours: Get to Know Yourself, Your Colleagues, and Your Customers – uncovering the DISC behaviour types to help you understand not only yourself but also your colleagues and your customers.
  • The Sales Process: Owning and Knowing Your Sales Like The Back of Your Hand – discovering the sales process, focusing on the core attributes that many of us forget under pressure
  • Your Sales Strategy: Tools To Make Sales Shine – discussing the strategies I have used myself to covert thousands of pounds worth of business during the pandemic. 
  • Confidence is Key: Managing Your Resilience Mindset to Boost Sales – the power of confidence and how you can use it to make more sales.
  • Know Your Worth: How To Market, Sell, and Make Money from Webinars – discussing how exactly you can set up and implement a paid webinar from start to finish to ensure you are getting paid for your worth!
  • How to Sell Socially – the simple habits that you can use every day to enhance your pipeline by gaining leads from social media.
  • Maximising Remote Relationships: Advanced Social Selling – delving deep into the nitty-gritty of developing good remote relationships and understanding how to convert sales from social media. 


What’s included in your ticket price?

  • Session recording to re-visit at any future point
  • Some webinars include complimentary e-books, this will be listed in the product description

“Thank you so much for today’s webinar. You really are a ray of light and hope. So positive. I truly felt stronger and more focused on my business after your wise words.”

Abby Mangold, The Mangold Consultancy

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How To Sell Socially

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In a world where LinkedIn has replaced cold calling, how can you maximise your opportunities?

There’s no need for blanket messaging or spending hours upon hours qualifying leads.

In this webinar, I’ll be teaching you the simple habits that you can use every day to enhance your pipeline by gaining leads from social media.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • The difference between social selling and social marketing.
  • How to turn your social media leads into paying clients.
  • How to craft an engaging post that converts.
  • How to find ways to interact with your network using built in features on social media.
  • Powerful questioning techniques to open up any conversation.
  • Using DISC colours to create engaging content and messaging which resonates with individual customers
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