"To say that I learned something is a slight understatement, it was a completely eye-opening experience and one that I would not hesitate to say has changed my outlook on “company life”. Although I am not out day-to-day selling, so much that I learned will be put to use within my sales support role."
Big Change
January 2020
"Alison worked with the Senior Leadership Team on her intrapreneurship methodology. I loved Alison’s drive. It made the session really engaging and helped keep everyone’s energy levels up!"
discovery channel
Discovery Inc
November 2018
Sales Team Training
On Stage
"After the session I felt that everyone in the group started to become more confident in their plans or started to see what they had to work on to 'get what they want' both in their personal and work life"
June 2019
"Alison is a speaker who doesn't just spout her life story like many others do. She has a great balance of personal anecdotes combined with knowledge and practical skills"
Alpha LSG
March 2019
Alison Speaking