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Alison worked with the Senior Leadership Team on her intrapreneurship methodology. I loved Alison’s drive. It made the session really engaging and helped keep everyone’s energy levels up!
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Discovery Inc
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“Alison is a force of nature. She’s dynamite”

Who is Alison Edgar MBE?

Alison Edgar MBE also known as “The Entrepreneur’s Godmother” to a plethora of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, brings a matchless amalgamation of outside of the box thinking, insight, and knowledge to the world of professional development.

Her teachings have pioneered culture change within her five-star global clientele such as Sky, Equifax, The European Commission, and The Discovery Channel, where she has delivered her world-class ‘Intrapreneurship’ methodology to enhance the development of teams by helping employees to think like entrepreneurs.  

In 2020, Alison received an MBE for recognition of her long-term work within entrepreneurship and business, which continues to inspire her methodologies to this day.

A successful author of WHSmith Top Ten and Amazon Best Selling book ‘Secrets of Successful Sales’, Alison combines her 20+ years of experience working in blue-chip sales with her abundance of knowledge with maximising small businesses to provide a clear-cut methodology which has been likened to ‘The E-Myth’.

Topic Top Picks

Alison works with companies all over the globe to deliver bespoke keynotes and workshops. Here is a list of some of Alison’s top picks, simply click to expand.

Alison combines psychology with her 25 years of sales experience to bring you her ‘Four Pillars of Sales’ methodology from her Amazon best-selling and WHSmith Top Ten book, Secrets of Successful Sales. Perfect for sales kick offs, Alison invigorates your audience through implementable tips and interactive exercises to inspire them to take action and improve their sales skills.

  • Pillar One – Understanding Behaviours to understand customers better using the DISC behaviour methodology
  • Pillar Two – Process to give structure and improve results
  • Pillar Three – Strategy to understand your priorities
  • Pillar Four – Confidence to master the customer service/sale

Innovation. That’s what every company strives for, right? The truth is, you can’t make your members of staff be innovative without a company which embraces innovation in its culture. Designed for senior leadership teams, and adapted for company-wide rollouts, Alison uses her ‘innovation tree’ methodology and acorn analogy to teach teams the formula for successful innovation. “From small acorns grow big trees”.

Alison teaches that no idea is too small to make a huge impact. She draws from her plethora of successful entrepreneurial stories alongside case studies from some of the leading brands to help teams to understand the importance of having a growth mindset, communication and collaboration, and embracing change to create innovation on both a personal and company-wide level.

The people who are most successful are always the ones who look at their work like its their own business. When they wake up on a Monday morning they don’t dread going to work. They don’t shut down after a set back. They are always looking for new ways to work more efficiently. 

Alison inspires teams and provide new ways of thinking based on her years of experience of working with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. 


  • Delegates will develop a new mindset, perfect for implementing innovative ideas
  • New ways of tackling problems head-on, creating an intrapreneurial mindset
  • An understanding of why it is important to set achievable goals and objectives

Using the ‘What Would I Do If It Was My?’ mindset, Alison delivers a powerful session to empower leaders to drive intrapreneurship in their selves and their teams. 


  • Delegates will gain an understanding of how to manage their team better
  • They will understand their mindsets, and what makes team members tick 
  • It will give them the ability to maintain habit forming changes within their team.

Using the ‘What Would I Do If It Was My’ methodology, Alison delivers a tailored session to improve team culture and therefore performance. 

  • What would I do I it was my first day? A deep dive into growth mindset and positivity
  • What would I do if it was my Grandmother? Giving an overview of DISC behaviour techniques and how to use them to exceed internal and external customer expectations.
  • What would I do if it was my business? Looking at cost/profits, sales/customer service and management of time to improve productivity and well-being.

Alison Edgar’s Big Ball theory as featured in Secrets of Successful Sales.

This session explains how disparity between departments and colleagues affects productivity. By implementing the theory, it reduces friction in the workplace and leads to better internal and external customer service.

"Alison hosted a workshop at our Women in Sales Summit and was a fantastic asset to the event. Alison’s session was oversubscribed with standing room only. She was a breeze to work with and I look forward to working with her at the next Summit"
women in sales summit
Women in Sales Summit
“After much research, we found Alison Edgar via LinkedIn. In February 2015, she was the Keynote speaker for the first event in the Middle-East of its kind, teaching intrapreneurship to business owners and professionals in Kuwait. We were extremely happy and have rebooked her to deliver another event.”
Madlen Krushev
Integrated Vision Institute of Training and Consulting

Who can Alison work with?


Due to her wide range of topics and flexibility, Alison can speak for a wide range of audiences. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Bank and Financial
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Media
  • Associations
  • Food & Drink
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Education