What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you get up and go for a walk? Do you make a motivational plan for the day ahead? Or do you check your phone? Research shows us that 70% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. So if you roll over in bed in the morning for a little scroll through Instagram or a quick flick through Twitter , then I hate to say it, but you are one of many others who are being swallowed by your socials. 
Now I’m not saying that social media is bad, of course it isn’t. People are more connected now than they have ever been before, I can see what my friends who live halfway across the world are doing, I can even see what Adele gets up to in her spare time! But when does it start consuming us? Lets face it, for most of us, our phones are the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we see before we go to sleep, and quite a few of those hours in between also get consumed by our screens. Although our phones keep us connected to those far away, they actually can distance us from those we have closest. That is why it is so important to be present, switch your phone off and actually spend time with those around you. Setting boundaries to ensure you are dividing your time between ‘me time’ ‘we time’ and ‘screen time’

Why is this important?

I anticipate that lockdown has caused our screen times to shoot through the roof. Those hours of the day that we would usually be discouraged from using our phones have now become social networking prime time. From anxiety from an overflowing inbox to zoom fatigue, it is apparent that these extra hours of screen time are taking their toll.

A Motivational Boost

June 2021, 18 months after the pandemic started and it seems that slowly but surely we are waving goodbye to Covid – the pubs are back, the shops are open and more businesses are getting to return to the workplace. Now is a better time than ever to give your employees the motivational boost they deserve after months in lockdown. Why not book me for your event/conference for an engaging session to help energise your employees coming out of lockdown.
For the teams who are unfortunately still out of office, I alternatively offer virtual yet interactive sessions to make sure your team are getting the most out of their screen time! These sessions can really help to break up the day to prevent zoom fatigue and reduce your team’s overwhelm, resulting in higher performance. My approach to motivational speaking is sure to have a positive impact on your employees, whether it be with your team or on your screen.
To find out how to book me as a speaker or if you just want some more information download my one-sheet below.

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