Jordan Daykin – Expert Interview

In the first of a series of interviews to uncover practical sales tips from some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, I interviewed Jordan Daykin, CEO of Gripit Fixings, at the launch of his second round of crowdfunding.

For those of you who don’t know, Jordan Daykin is the youngest ever contestant to win funding on Dragon’s Den, from Deborah Meaden. He invented the Gripit Fixing at the tender age of 13, yes this is not a typo, he was 13 years old!!!

The Jordan Daykin Story

After a turbulent start to life, Jordan moved into his Gran and Grandad’s converted garage bedroom. Several failed attempts of hanging a blind on to plasterboard and a trip to Grandad’s Stan’s shed, saw the birth of the Gripit Fixing, “The World’s Strongest Plasterboard Fixing”.



I first met Jordan in September 2014 when we were shortlisted for Great British Entrepreneur of the Year. Shortly afterwards I started sales training with Team Gripit to support their ambitious growth plans.

Entrepreneur years are a bit like dog years and a lot has happened to Jordan and Gripit since our first meeting.

The highlights include –

  • Now exporting to 32 countries worldwide, including Home Depot in the USA and Bunnings in Australia
  • Stocked in the UK’s most prestigious DIY and Trade stores including B&Q, Wicks, Homebase, Screwfix, QVC and Travis Perkins
  • First Crowdcube fundraising campaign in March 2016 raised £2 million funding within 5 days
  • Patent applications are pending for 3 products invented by the company
  • Jordan was featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe
  • Gripit now has 40 employees

So what were Jordan’s sales challenges and how did he overcome them?


Top Tips from Jordan Daykin

What was your biggest challenge around sales when you started your business?

My biggest challenge around sales, when I first started, was getting my product in front of the right person and making them believe how much weight my fixing could hold, compared to the other fixings on the market. They found it very hard to believe. I needed to get in front of the right person so they could do the right thing with my product.

How did you overcome this?

I overcame this problem by googling the buyers name and then once I had found it I would search for their profile on LinkedIn to make sure it was the correct person. Then I would send samples packs for the attention of them and then follow up with an email that I found on their LinkedIn profile. If there was no email address on the profile, I  would go to the company website and see how their email is formatted and then do it the same but with the buyers name. This process normally worked.

Many entrepreneur’s in the start-up phase feel their product/services aren’t good enough, what advice would you give them?

You should never think this about your product/service. Everyone’s product/service has the pros and cons, you need to work on the cons to make your product/service the best it can be.

What is your top sales tip for people starting a business?

My top sales tip for people starting a business is to make sure your product is put in front of the right person, in order for them to sell your product/service.

What advice would you give to start-ups when price setting?

When price setting you need to make sure the price is right, you don’t want to over-price or under-price, it needs to be in the middle. Compare your competitors price to get a rough guide for yours. You want to be cheaper, or the same so customers are more likely to buy your product/service than the competitors. Also think of your customers, ask around to see what people would pay for your product/service take their advice as they are the people who’ll be buying your product/service.


So you see even then the most successful entrepreneurs have to start somewhere.

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